Breathe Days

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Breathe Days

As part of the Breathe portfolio we now run a few Breathe days throughout the year! Over the past year we have run days in Birmingham, Durham and York.

If you are interested in arranging / hosting a Breathe Youth Retreat Day please contact Martin Stand at or on 07717 336183.

To the right is a quotes from one of the young people who came to the Birmingham Breathe Youth Retreat day:


“Today I was expecting to hear talks about us young people staying away from drugs; unexpectedly I heard a unique teaching about happiness. I’ve learnt that you should always be happy about what you have, even if you do not have the right kind of gear on, or you don’t look as pretty as your friend, and or you don’t have the same idea about life as everyone else. You are unique in the eyes of God.”

“After an especially stressful week this really was a chance to ‘breathe’, relax, be quiet and enjoy God’s presence. It was great to meet some new people and just have fun with them. A very worthwhile day.”

Breathe Day

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